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I would love it if you could stop in and check out my new store.  I am adding new items everyday and Im sure you will find something for everyone on your list.


Made gr8 by hand


LOOK out here comes LOVE



That magical day in February is on its way- Guys – please dont let your gals down.  Biggest secret unknown to you all, is this…when you lady tells you she doesn’t want or need anything for Valentines day – shes lying.  Mark my words- all you have to do is a few small things-


Leave a post it note with some love thoughts.  Draw a little rose and leave it under her coffee cup.  Make her breakfast in bed.  Do something unexpected.  You don’t have to spend a ton of money – but if you want to splurge on something make it something she will love.  Earrings, flowers, gift card for her favorite coffee place, something, anything.


And attention all you girls- make sure you dont forget you man….same goes for you all.  Small gestures are the key to love.  Make him dinner – make him a card – give him loads of attention.  If you want to buy him something get him a few items for his fishing tackle box, a great scarf, a wallet with some pretend money good for kisses and other services (you get the idea).

I hope you are all enjoying 2015 and it  is a healthy happy one so  far.


On to my shop – I am making some new items and posting them daily.  Hope you stop in and show some love.


Mosaic Mocha Heart Ornament Wall Hanging


Kickin off 2015 with a bang!


Kickin off 2015 with a bang!.

HAPPY 2015!

I hope everyone had a great Holiday Season.  Now that 2015 is here and we are in full swing – lets get busy.  I made a (resolution) promise to myself to take better care of myself.  I have been dieting and avoiding most sugar.  Not because I’m a Type 1 diabetic….but because some clothes were getting a little tight.  So heres to any promises you made – I hope you are on track – and remember the most important thing- if you mess up on a promise try to brush off the dirt and get back to your true self.  Everyone makes mistakes and you are no different you wonderful human reading this.

Happy January 2015.  Thanks for stopping by – please sign up for updates and leave any comments for me.

Please check out some new items in my shop for 2015.  Show some love if you wish or leave me some comments-


Go Brightly into 2015 with this no nonsense Clutch!

WRISTLET/CLUTCH for iPHONE or Samsung Note 4


This is the last one in my inventory of the cute man.  I am not sure if I will re-create and make more of him.  I sold alot of these big baker’s man at fairs and shows.  Free Shipping TOO!


This cute little number came from necessity- I got a new phone – but couldn’t find a clutch big enough.  So i did what any crafter would do – make one- I loved mine so much I decided to try my hand at selling at them.

Studded WRISTLET/CLUTCH for iPhone or Samsung Note 4 with HANDSTRAP

Own this trendy wristlet. It is hand made with a touch of class. It is made from off white printed french postage stamp material and lined with blue denim. This is embellished with some rhinestones and has a charcoal grey pearl and rhinestone wrist strap. The wrist strap is REMOVABLE.

Pearl strap WRISTLET/CLUTCH for iPHONE or Samsung Note 4

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Here are some other items I just love!  This company has the best handmade lures.  If you need a #valentines gift for your man – this is a gr8 option!

Handmade spinner baits by HUNYHOLE BAITS. ( Susky Craw)

Kickin off 2015 with a bang!